2nd Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club

Our 2nd Gentlemans Breakfast Club was held on Saturday 17/02/2018.

Two of the most interesting cars in attendance were from the same sort of era both with retro colours.

I have now decided to do a feature on the “Car of the Day” in each months GBCM update on WordPress. From next month this will be chosen by the first person to arrive on the day, if this is the same person on multiple occasions it will go to the next person to make the choice.

This month I chose the Clan Crusader, when new they sold at £1,400.00 or £1,123.00 in kit form.

Car of the Day – 2nd Gentlemans Breakfast Club Meeting

Owner – Andrew Wild
From – Lancashire
Company Owner – Roadspace Bespoke Driver Training
It has a Fibreglass monocoque shell, this rear engined classic sports car has an all alloy construction with SOHC.
It can trace its family tree back to the mid sixties World Championship Car Constructor(Lotus) and a fork lift truck company(Coventry Climax).
It is of course the Clan Crusader with a profile that only its mother could love!
Conceived and then built by a breakaway group of ex Lotus employees in a unit in Washington Tyne and Wear. About 350 were made before VAT killed it off.
It made a fantastic debut in the Motoring News stage rally in the IOM finishing second to Roger Clark in his Escort RS1600. Further impressive results followed in all forms of motorsport UNTIL – it was found that production figures had been ‘fudged’ and so homologation requirements had not been met.
FTY was built in 1972 and formerly owned by the Clan Club Registrar from early eighties to late nineties it has a 998cc engine, R21 cam, lightened/balanced flywheel and running twin forty webers – not ideal for nipping down to the shops!
Mechanically very good it could really do with a body tidy up – but then again, couldn’t we all!


Well a breakfast meet would not be a breakfast meet without breakfast. The GBCM rule is the last person to arrive before 11.00am is the person who rings the order through and drives the 1/4 of a mile to collect Breakfast for whoever wants it. Yates’s is our local     Deli /  Bakery. Is it any good I here you ask? Well around lunchtime the queue is out the door so there’s your answer. Whats available? Homemade pies of most descriptions, sausage rolls, cornish pasties, Sausage, Bacon and fried eggs in soft rolls in any combination or all. There is also cheese, ham, beef, turkey, tuna and chicken with salad if you require it. Im into health and fitness so I go with a seeded brown roll, chicken, salad, mayo and not butter. My roll was £3.00 I believe nothing is much dearer than that.

Image below shows my breakfast / lunch roll.

unnamed2Thank you to Jason K. for doing the butty run on Saturday.

The 3rd Gentlemans Breakfast Club will be held on Sunday 11/03/2018 as we had a few no shows due to Members working we are swapping the week end day also on Sunday we will be extending the meet length to 10.00am – 2.00pm

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Membership Details

Membership is by invitation only or a recommendation from another member.

If members wish to recommend a friend or colleague please email me their email address, name and car details to the gentlemansbreakfastclub@gmail.com

You might be reading this blog and not know a Gentlemans Breakfast Club member to recommend you, if that is the case. Email to the address above with a couple of images of your car you would be bringing along to the club if accepted as a member.

The North Wests only Gentlemans monthly car enthusiasts club, a great place to meet some like minded individuals.

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets

This month Words of Wisdom come from member Geoff H.


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How the GBC began…

The day before Christmas Eve 2017 four guys got together for Coffee and mince pies in a car storage unit in East Lancashire to get away from partners and children and all the fuss that goes with Christmas.

I knew everyone but the rest of the group were strangers to each other, all with an interest in classic cars.

Despite the cold at the unit, the conversations about cars was a great way to spend the morning to get out of last minute shopping and all the commercial hype that goes with Christmas.

The only person who came down in a classic on this day was Brent with his recently restored TVR, which was a prototype car. FullSizeRender

Image shows Brent discussing his TVR with Andy.

On departure a couple of people said they had enjoyed the morning and asked if we could arrange another meeting?

A couple of days later and the meeting got the name of the:

“Gentlemans Breakfast Club”

The North Wests men only monthly car enthusiasts club, a great place to escape for some chat.

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets

Membership is by Invitation Only or a recommendation from another member.

If members wish to recommend someone please email me their email address, name and car details to the gentlemansbreakfastclub@gmail.com

The club mission is to get a varied selection of cars and members.