Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club Road Trip

Myself and some of the the guys who attended Mitton Halls Super car sunday we could not of asked for better weather.

Despite arriving before 09:00 for a 09:30 start, we were greeted with an already overflowing car park – Clive managed to sneak in and found a space on the Mitton Hall driveway. Others parked on the roadside outside.

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club Road trip
Big Ronnie, sandwiched between a Porsche and a Ferrari.

What a fabulous meeting, more Porsches and Ferraris then you could shake a stick at – with a handful of Lamborghinis, it truly was a Supercar meet. Porsche fans had loads of 911s to drool over including GT3, GT4 and GTSs and even a 918 Sypder which was on sale for a cool £1,250,000. Clive and I witnessed an old gent mistakenly telling his friends “That’s a nice car for £125,000” – Clive kindly corrected him!

The Ferrari stable was pretty busy too, however it was a Ferrari 250 that stole the show for me.

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club Road Trip
Image credit Andy Cox


There was some debate as to whether it was an original or not, either way, it was the prettiest Supercar there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet its owner so never found out about its history.

Other notable exotics included a Noble M600, Jaguar Project 7 and an Ultima GTR. The latter showed off an exhaust system that not only sounded awesome but looked like a work of art too. Air conditioning had been sacrificed in the name of performance, forcing the passenger of this orange beast to hold his gullwing door aloft as they left the meeting!

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Gentlemen's Breakfast Club Road Trip
Jaguar Project 7


Back to the Future fans enjoyed a DeLorean complete with hover board, comic books and banks of flashing lights- the only thing missing was Doc Emmett himself !

A mid-seventies Granada coupe complete with vinyl roof made a late but very welcome appearance.

Those of us into motorbikes appreciated a handful of classics including a beautiful Kawasaki KH250 triple, a very early Norton and a number of Harleys.

Closely behind the Ferrari 250, as my second favorite car at the meet was a fantastically restored MkIII Ford Capri. This beautiful car finished in red had a full body x-pack, period correct alloys and S model side stripes, however its best surprise was under the bonnet – a Granada Scorpio 2.9 V6 engine that looked very much at home. Andy discovered that he knew the owner, Clive and I finished wandering around the show without him !

As the meet drew to a close, a small but enthusiastic crowd gathered around the exit. We weren’t disappointed as we watched quite a number of noisy but fortunately drama free exists from the show !

A big thank you to Andy Cox this month for writing the update…😊


The Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club is aimed at Vintage, Classic, Supercars, American or anything a bit different from the norm.

If you would like to put a friend, colleague or family member forward to join the club please email me the make/model car they have and their email address and I’ll send them details of the next meeting.

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Blog Content Writer : Andrew Cox| Blog Editor: Geoff Hemingway

Last But Not Least Next Months GBC meet Date!!

The date for the Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club in July 2018 is:

Sunday 22nd July : 10.00am till about 1.30pm

Put it in your electronic calendars

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets

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