Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club Meet


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We have still yet to enjoy a full day of sunshine at a GBC meet and the 4th GBC meet on National Drive it Day 22/04/2018 was no different to its predecessors.

Despite that we had a good turnout with several new faces and managed  11 cars present by 10am. I think there were about another five cars which  drifted in and out during the meet.

It was great to see more owners of the American Car section parked on the carpark as well. A nice brightly coloured collection of V8 muscle….

American Car Breakfast Club
A great trio of American Muscle made up of Corvette C3’s and a Ford Mustang

If anyone knows any American car owners please invite them along.

Another new member this month was Dave Latimer who travelled from Wigan in his Jaguar E-type which he imported and restored himself over the last couple of years. Dave’s next job on the car is to convert from auto to manual gearbox.  He is a keen car restorer and not a chequebook enthusiast.


Once David Whitaker had been on the Breakfast run to Yates’s in his Porsche the sun came out and we had blue skies. Thank you for doing the Breakfast run Dave !

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club meet
From heavy rain to clear blue skies.


Car of the Meet, judge Andy Wild.

Text supplied by Robert Finegan, custodian of E99 SHB

“It is a 2 owner car which I have owned for 8 years. It is not a ‘Show Pony’ but has been voted the best 924S at three Owners Club National Rallies.
Over the years we have toured in Europe, regularly visiting the Oldtimer GP at the Nurburgring along with visits to Spa and Le Mans.

My car was voted Car of the Day, hence this piece. ”


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(On the Blog see the Car of the Day article supplied by Brent Knowles at the 3rd Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club Meeting This is the length of text I would like to receive from Car of the day text in future please with 5-6 good quality images supplied with it.)

I added Peter Irwin to the distribution list quite a while back as I know he is “up North”  quite a lot having four Mk9 Jaguars restored here. I didn’t really expect him to attend a meet. When he rolled up at the GBC I was literally gob-smacked. Then when he said he left Reading at 7.30am to get here you could have knocked me over with a feather. Will anybody beat the the 220 mile journey to the GBC ? Lets see… Watch this space!

Peter’s  car was car of the show on request of the members:

Text supplied by Peter Irwin, Custodian of 232 YUA

“Gentlemen, thank you for the superb welcome, both car and I appreciated your warm reception.

Ive been asked to compile a short resumé /  CV of the car. I do not subscribe to having pet names for vehicles, in this instance I relented; Peanut is the hostile bastard’s name but often referred to as SYB….go figure.

The car is a 1955 Austin A 30, and is a pure mongrel in every sense of the word, borne of a different registration and modified accordingly.  The original spec was period 980 engine, zenith carbs, 4.8 diff, a “gearbox” of the magic wand variety”, anchor/drum brakes, Morris minor seats. Purchased at 750 quid….and I do believe I was robbed!!

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
Peanut belonging to Peter Irwin

A true view of this car and what it represented to the immediate post war driver is well documented and more precise description can be found within the web… look up, the car was break through at its time.  Furthermore the Austin A30/A35 club is an outstanding and they exhibit all the best qualities of artisan members:- opinionated, highly critical of others, an unbelievable association with alcohol and in every instance all exhibit the virtues required to keep classic cars of Britain alive, basically speaking they have a total dis-regard of reality and restoration money

What has been done to it:-

The diff is 3.2, obtained from Heathrow Transmission, and a pretty penny too.  A 40 Gear box purchased via the web and sourced from Morecambe. 1098 Morris fast road cammed, oil cooled engine, with a modified wide valve and chamber head.  Engineering by CMSE in Bracknell; they provide engines for the HRDC Academy A35 track cars. The carb is a single SU HIF 1.5 and on a Mini manifold, I disregarded 1.25 SU twins primarily because of access and balancing issues. The exhaust is from Manifold, and is LCB and modified to fit. The rear end has had work, and I await a new fuel tank from the Austin Club.

Under the bonnet of Peanut


The front and rear suspension has been modified.  The front is essential an AH Sprite III with discs and stiffened shocks.  Discs sourced from the Web, shocks etc from Moss. The body was painted five years ago, Windscreen rubbers replaced and the electrics rewired.

Work remains: Ready to go is the headliner/rear window seal, halogen headlights (complete with modified circuitry), replacement seats and cleaned up re configured dash and instruments. You may have noticed the large speedo, it is ex 2.4 S1 small saloon Jaguar, and by calculation and a luck (mostly) the readings are accuracy and within spec. The body now needs some attention. Fit for the summer the restored AH/MG wheels the shinny front and rear bumpers,

MPG 35 town, 45 travel at 3000 rpm-60mph 2500 50 mph with 50 mpg, oil negligible.

The down side:- Rectum endurance rating very poor.. 75 miles then its starts to hurt.  Home mechanics and maintenance can be a chore. And for some reason people think I’m an eccentric…there are other adjectives and abstract nouns can also describe.”


The Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club is aimed at Vintage, Classic, Supercars, American or anything a bit different from the norm.

If you would like to put a friend, colleague or family member forward to join the club please email me the make/model car they have and their email address and I’ll send them details of the next meeting.

Parking Marshal

Look out for Andy Wild as you park, if you don’t see him when parking, just open your window and ask the person nearest you to send him over to you.

 Banner Image

New member Kevin Dodd collected his brand new Porsche on Saturday and brought it along to the GBC on Sunday it was greatly admired by many. Look forward to seeing you again soon Kevin…

My thanks go to..

Parking – Andy Wild  | Set Up and Pack Up : Andy Cox & Andy Wild | Breakfast Run : David | Our New Blog Editor : Geoff Hemingway

Last But Not Least Next Months GBC meet Date!!

The date for the Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club in May 2018 is:

Sunday 13th May : 10.00am till about 1.30pm

Put it in your electronic calendars

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets


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