3rd Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club Meeting

People have travelled from far and wide to get to the meeting this month . It was great to see some new faces,there were some members over from Cheshire and South Manchester.

For the first month we had blue skies 😎 and the weather hit 12°c.

I would like to Thank

 Andy Cox-who helped me set up, brought the biscuits and  did the Breakfast run.

Paul Mattison who helped with the clearing up after everyone had gone.

Please remember as the club grows I will be asking for assistance with certain jobs. If anyone would like to offer 15 mins at the beginning or end of the event it would be appreciated. If anyone wants to email me  to  offer help it would be appreciated.

Turnout on the Day

Pictures speak a thousand words,

Please remember if you have taken some good images at a meet please email them over and I’ll credit you if you need me to.

Hold your cursor over the individual images  below to see the captions.

OMG !! 😱 Ive found some more tools in the WordPress tool kit .

I can see updates getting better if we get some good images!! 📸 I believe I can also insert short videos 😃

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe we are going to need an auto photographer at each event so we get some good pictures for the blog ? Any volunteers? I don’t care if you use a phone or camera.

Car of the Day

This month the Car of the Day Judge’s position went to  Steve Driver. Even though he left before the last couple of cars arrived he made his decision on what he saw.

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
A picture from before the car was restored..

His choice was Brent Knowles, TVR 390 Prototype- article below.

“Many moons ago (too many to recall) when finishing secondary school I fell in love with my friends brother`s new motor – a silver TVR 280 wedge, the colour, the lines and the sound from the V6 engine to me was awesome.

From that day onward I was determined to follow the marque TVR and hopefully one day, own one.

Strangely enough a few years ago I befriended a chap who also shared a passion for TVR`s and after seeing each model he had and listening to his stories of speed, near misses with the car biting back and of course the sad bits waiting for the RAC, I knew I had to have one and soon!

That day came approximately 4 years ago now when I purchased a TVR 390SE – C833 OFV from a local chap who had tinkered and restored most of the car to a high level. The day was cold and wet and the chap said tickle the throttle or she will have you. I did all the way home and was pleased as punch I had made a teenage dream come true. Later on that day as the sun came out and roads dried, I took her for a spin again only to find the my tickle of the throttle and the old owners was different, especially with a slightly damp road. Yes you guessed it, she spun, 180 degrees in fact, on a main road.

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
Period interior in this ’80s classic

Thinking about it that was probably the decision maker to change the interior……especially the driver’s seat after that experience!

The car went to Ex works TVR for a tune up/service and all was deemed a lovely engine and mechanically sound, putting the 4ltr V8 grumbling well on the road again with a beautiful loud chorus! Next stop bodywork, to sort this I took her to a former colleague and friend of mine Chris Hall of California’s Body Shop in Blackburn where he re painted her from flat white to Pearl white (as close to the original colour as possible), refurbed the wheels and tarted up the engine bay, plenum, new hoses etc. The transformation and the paint job was out of this world!

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
Brents TVR after its respray

Following the bodywork I took her to Cleveleys to a place called Trim Unique to sort out, Lee an ex TVR trimmer refurbished the interior cockpit with leather replacing the old vinyl and changed seats for me from 390SE to Chimaera. Again the transformation was phenomenal!

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
Brents TVR after its visit to Trim Unique

2017 saw the 70 year Anniversary of TVR. To celebrate the TVR “Wedge” (lovingly called because of its wedge shape) owners club went to Warwick for the “Big Bad Wedge Fest”. The event saw around 70 wedges turn up and numerous other non-Wedge TVRs. C833 OFV went down well and although she didn’t win best of show gained many compliments on her looks and quality of the restoration. It was at this show that I learnt she was the showroom car for TVR back in her day, for 14 yrs and also I am told a prototype for the 390, although I have to check this (apparently under the upholstery there is a mark of what number the car is, although having just paid for the upholstery to be refurbished, I don’t readily want to rip out just yet) maybe another time.

Consequently the car ran down there and back without any issues, only 200 miles but hey ho, it made it.

Despite the odd hic up, a creak here and there, a leak, or a drip she runs well and all being will be at each GBC meet.

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club
Engine bay and engine detailing all carried out with no expense spared by Brent…

Thanks for the vote of “Car of the meet” this month, it`s well appreciated and hopefully as more members join we will have more similar articles to this(but better)on other members pride and joys.”

I had inserted the car of the day article first when writing this update, in future I’ll get all the images in a slide show to reduce space.


 By Sunday’s meeting we had 29 members and as of Monday morning we were at 34 members. The Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club is aimed at Classic, Supercars, American or anything a bit different from the norm.

My vision is not to have a club full of hatchback boy racers.

If you would like to put a friend, colleague or family member forward to join the club please email me the make/model car they have and their email address and I’ll contact them.

Parking Marshall

Due to growth it was voted on Sunday that Andy Wild our road safety specialist would be our new Parking Marshall .

Look out for Andy as you pull in-pictured  below doing the brews.

The Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club new Parking Marshall. Thank you Andy Wild.

If you use any fabulous valeting products, please email a short article about them.

Used a good, mechanic, bodyshop, paint shop  or trimmer? Again send me a before and after picture a bit of text and a short report and I’ll put it on the blog.

I’ll also put a blog page together with recommended suppliers .

Membership Details

Membership is by invitation only or a recommendation from another member.

If members wish to recommend a friend or colleague please email me their email address, name and car details to the gentlemansbreakfastclub@gmail.com

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets

Banner Image

As Im off to Goodwood Members Meeting 76 this week end I though it fitting to have a banner image from last years Members Meeting as the banner image.

Last But Not Least Next Months Meet Date.

As the official FBHVC Drive it Day I have planned our next meet on this date.

Sunday 22nd  April 2018 : 10.00am till about 1.30pm

This month’s funny is from Brent Knowles

Gedntlemens Breakfast Club
Keep those image, jokes, quotes coming in… Keep it clean lads 😉

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