How the GBC began…

The day before Christmas Eve 2017 four guys got together for Coffee and mince pies in a car storage unit in East Lancashire to get away from partners and children and all the fuss that goes with Christmas.

I knew everyone but the rest of the group were strangers to each other, all with an interest in classic cars.

Despite the cold at the unit, the conversations about cars was a great way to spend the morning to get out of last minute shopping and all the commercial hype that goes with Christmas.

The only person who came down in a classic on this day was Brent with his recently restored TVR, which was a prototype car. FullSizeRender

Image shows Brent discussing his TVR with Andy.

On departure a couple of people said they had enjoyed the morning and asked if we could arrange another meeting?

A couple of days later and the meeting got the name of the:

“Gentlemans Breakfast Club”

The North Wests men only monthly car enthusiasts club, a great place to escape for some chat.

Strictly No Partners, Children or Pets

Membership is by Invitation Only or a recommendation from another member.

If members wish to recommend someone please email me their email address, name and car details to the

The club mission is to get a varied selection of cars and members.

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